7 Futuristic Landscaping Designs That Belong in a Sci-Fi Movie

The technological strides of the modern era have not only disrupted computer processes and communication; they’ve affected everything. You might not think that landscaping falls into the category of modern systems that have evolved immensely. If not, these designs are sure to shock you.


These six photos of man-manipulated greenery are nothing short of phenomenal – you might even say “out-of-this-world.” Rather than checking out an episode of 12 Monkeys or Star Trek, browse these photos to see landscaping designs that should be in a science fiction flick.


#7: I-City Glowing Garden, Malaysia



Futuristic Landscaping Design Glowing Garden
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No sci-fi landscaping list would be complete without a garden that looks like it’s straight out of Avatar. The Glowing Garden at I-City Theme Park in Malaysia is just that. The “lightscape” is made of over a million LED lights set on a forest of Maple. The attractions could make you forget you’re still on this planet.



The outdoor theme park includes rides like a carousel and “Superswing.” Visit at night to experience the various light shows, but don’t be disappointed when you can’t find “Home Tree” – this is just a tourist attraction, after all.



#6: Tianjin Eco-City, Singapore



futuristic landscaping design tianjin eco city
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Tianjin Eco-City is one of the world’s first experimental, environmentally-friendly municipalities. Located in Singapore, the project was pioneered as a visionary project to create social, economic, and environmental harmony and sustainability. During the 10 years this town has developed, Tianjin has become the model for global sustainable development. The rest of the world should be observing to determine what we can do next.



Greenhouses for enough food to sustain 50,000 – 800,000 residents make up the agricultural prototype of the 21st century, solar-powered metropolis. The Chinese and Singaporean governments have nearly created Nirvana — though, it is still missing a force field impenetrable by alien weapons technology.



#5: One Man is an Island, New York City



Pier 55 Project NYC Futuristic Landscaping Design
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This $130 million, man-made island is going to take up part of Hudson River Park in Manhattan, New York. Here, we see state-of-the-art landscape architecture for a 2.7 acre plot at Pier 55. The funding for the construction has been gifted by a generous donor who will oversee park maintenance for the next 20 years. Because of this, the city doesn’t have to use any public funds.



This landscape design is sure to become an iconic piece of Manhattan’s history. When future generations look back on the architecture of New York, they’ll think ‘Lady Liberty, Central Park, and The Man-Made Island.’ Do you think we will beam this park with us into the next planet we inhabit?



#4: Eco-Friendly Vertical Village, New Delhi



Futuristic Landscaping Designs Vertical Village New Delhi
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The Chinese and Singaporean governments aren’t the only people plotting how to move into the future with sustainable cities. Callebaut Architectures has come up with a vertical village for Jaypee Greens Sports City, Greater Noida, New Delhi, India that’s completely solar powered and integrates landscaping into building design. The features of this design are utopian.



One of the most functional features is community orchards for food production. The outdoor walkways are irrigated with recycled water. If you are ever fortunate enough to live here, you’ll be able to grow fruit from your apartment walls (and your personal robot can do the planting for you).



#3: “Smart City” Plan, Paris



Futuristic Landscaping Designs Antismog Towers Paris Berlogos
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We aren’t going to see this “smart city” begin to unfold until 2050, but, believe it or not, this is the plan for Paris. According to Stylourbano, a complete remodel is being planned for the city of romance. Sustainability and renewable energy are the cornerstones of the design. Here is the future of France.

Photovoltaic and thermal solar shields will produce hot water and electric power. There will be no need for batteries to store power with a hydroelectric energy storage station. Recycled water systems and nature integration will make this landscaping/ architecture completely renewable and self-sustained. Let’s just hope the city doesn’t become too smart and decide it doesn’t need humans to operate.



#2: Futuristic Vineyard, Georgia



Georgia Futuristic Landscape Designs
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Shilda Wines in Tbilisi, Georgia (the Country, not the state) has designed a new building plan that unites the modern building design with their fine grape vines. The vines help insulate the building to moderate the temperature year-round. The architecture and landscaping is sustainable, making production as simple as currently possible.

The most interesting fact about this space is that evidence shows that this area may have been used for wine production as early as 8,000 years ago. Now, it looks as though the land may be used for the same purpose even thousands of years into the future. The Walking Dead characters wish they would have started their zombie survival journey here rather than in the deep south.



#1: Noah’s Ark (Conceptual)



Noahs Ark Futuristic Landscaping Design
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The final design on our list (our personal favorite) is a conceptual design from the 2012 eVolo skyscraper competition. Alexandar Joksimovic and Jelena Nikolic designed this scape as an idea for a floating, post-apocalyptic, sustainable ark. This vision, if manifested, would be capable of supporting human life after and during a natural disaster. If successful, it would be one of the safest places on the planet.

This hypothetical ocean-top village harvests rainwater, generates power, and grows food while withstanding water-derived disasters. Though it may not be a reality yet, we already have the technology needed to build a structure like this one. Wouldn’t you like to live in this safehaven after the apocalypse?