Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting | SuperscapesNow that you have your gorgeous landscape all set up, the final and possibly most significant touch regards lighting. After setting everything up and double-checking all steps, we wrap up the construction process with lighting solutions. Believe us, with just the right amount of light and placed in carefully-calculated places, your entire yard will simply glow with beauty. We have all the necessary resources for designing the lighting for your landscape and implementing the concept.

Our Super Scapes team proudly provides full landscape lighting services for trees, pathways, plants, houses & walls, hardscapes, patios and security. This means that we will make your landscape literally shine like a diamond and attract appreciation from friends, family and neighbors alike. This way, you can enjoy your yard on a whole other level when the sun goes down, by creating an intimate environment to share memorable moments with your loved ones.

Tree lighting

Why put lights in the tree when you can light the entire tree? Our tree lighting services provide both up and down lighting, providing the area with beautiful ambient lighting. If trees in your yard are properly lighted, you will soon find that everybody will be more excited to stay out in the yard during the summer than in the house.

Pathway lighting

Imagine arriving home after a super busy day at work, rolling up in your driveway, getting out of the car and entering your yard to a superbly-lit pathway. We guarantee that your worries will instantly wilt away and you will be able to literally appreciate your landscape from a new point of view with great pathway lighting. Welcome home!

Plant lighting

What better way to give love back to your plants than offering them the lighting they deserve? Let us help you brighten your entire garden by optimum plant lighting. Our team is specialized in calculating just the right intensity of light for each of your plants, helping them stand out and sparkle in your yard.

House & wall lighting

Why stop at just your landscape? Super Scapes also offers top-of-the-notch house and wall lighting services. Our specialists have strong notions of architecture and interior design; they know exactly what you need to turn your ordinary lightbulbs into wonderful sources of warmth for both the eyes and the soul.

Hardscape lighting

Hardscape lighting is ideal for highlighting certain features and areas in your yard. In other words, our team focuses upon enhancing the built environment in your landscape, such as fountains, fire pits, pools, fireplaces or other paved areas. Imagine relaxing in the backyard and admiring your newly acquired goodies as they light up the night.

Patio lighting

What can you love more than an impressively-lit patio? With the help of Super Scapes, you can turn your patio into a charming setting to host a party or share a glass of wine with a loved one. The entire lighting of the patio actually sets the mood for your whole landscape, so you can count on our team for creating the perfect environment.

Security lighting

At Super Scapes we focus upon your safety and well-being. That is why we offer prime security lighting services, so we help you prevent any unwanted incidents near your home. Better safe than sorry!