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The Ultimate Guide To Tulsa Lawn Care

The Ultimate Guide To Tulsa Lawn Care

Create a beautiful, lush, and healthy lawn this summer with SuperScapes!

The summer season in Tulsa is well-known for a couple of things — the heat and humidity! And while Tulsa homeowners have the advantage of humidity on their side — as opposed to dry heat — the sizzling temperatures can do a number on even the healthiest lawn.

SuperScapes in Tulsa is your resource for the best lawn care, so whether you want to schedule a weekly service or prefer to put in a little sweat equity to keep your yard green and bright, we’re here to help! Learn the best tips and tricks to keep your Tulsa lawn looking its best this season!

Ditch The Brown & Withered

If you’ve survived the heat in a couple of Tulsa summers, you know that brown and withered grass patches can emerge, what seems like overnight if you’re not on top of your lawn care routine. So, how do you cultivate a verdant and thick lawn all summer long?

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Grass Height

Regular mowing does wonders for your lawn by keeping it trim and nicely manicured, but if it’s cut too short, you’re setting your grass up for failure.

Adjust your mower to leave the grass taller — the recommendation is to never cut more than one-third of the total grass blade length in one mowing.

Why does grass length matter? Taller grass protects and shades the soil — preventing water evaporation — which allows the roots to grow deeper and prevent weeds from invading.

Avoid Overwatering

Because Tulsa is humid, watering doesn’t have to be prioritized as much as you would think. The region experiences a lot of summer rainstorms, which is helpful in keeping your grass hydrated, but it’s also really easy to get into overwatering your lawn.

You would think a little water is good, so more water is even better, right?! In the case of a Tulsa lawn, not always. Overwatering your grass robs the roots of essential oxygen, which can then leave it vulnerable to diseases.

Tulsa lawn experts all agree that a deep, long soak once or twice a week in the early morning will help your lawn stay healthy and beat the heat.

Plant The Right Kind Of Grass

There are over 12,000 species of grass, making grass extremely diverse. Tulsa homeowners can tailor their grass seed to the specific region, for a more robust and disease-resistance lawn.

If you’re choosing to overseed to create a thicker lawn and fill in any brown patches, planting the right kind of grass is important to consider for the overall health of your lawn.

Warm-season grasses including Bermuda and Buffalograss are great for yards that receive full sun. Cool-season grasses including Kentucky Bluegrass or a Fescue blend are great for shaded areas, or areas that don’t receive a full eight hours of sun each day.

Lawn Aeration

Aerating your lawn allows your grass to breathe, while reducing soil impaction. As we mentioned earlier, oxygen is crucial to a healthy lawn, and when the compaction is remedied it can better absorb water and fertilizer, become more resilient, and reduce water runoff and water pooling.

Want A Healthier Lawn? Partner With SuperScapes!

SuperScapes is Tulsa’s premier landscaping company that carefully tends to your yard’s details with each service. From overseeding and lawn mowing to landscape management and irrigation options, we have a line-up of services to keep and maintain a healthy and green lawn this summer!

For a customized summer lawn care plan for your Tulsa home, reach out and connect with SuperScapes today!