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Treat Your Tulsa Lawn To Overseeding

Watch your lawn thrive with SuperScapes!

Great lawn care is all a part of an overarching system that relies on a few different services — you can’t have one without the other! As a homeowner, you can do your part by diligently caring for your lawn by watering — SuperScapes can take care of the rest!

From overseeding and lawn mowing to irrigation and plant health care, SuperScapes in Tulsa provide comprehensive lawn care services that give you the best yard on the block! Learn more about the value of overseeding in today’s post.

Tulsa residents are pretty darn lucky — we have rich, fertile soil and we live in a humid climate where plants thrive, but that doesn’t mean that a sea of green happens all on its own! A beautifully lush and thick lawn is created through lawn care practices such as overseeding!

What is Overseeding?

Overseeding is used in dry or barren spots of your lawn — if it’s thinning, overseeding corrects these areas by scattering grass seed to these areas and filling them in for an improved turf thickness.

When you work with SuperScapes, we’ll work with you to create a custom turf blend that keeps thinning areas robust. Whether it’s a high-traffic area or prone to drought or insects, we have grass seed for specific each type of concern.

How do you know if your lawn is a candidate for overseeding? Is your grass lacking and does it look dull? If your lawn is anything other than lush, thick, and deep green, it can benefit from an overseeding service.

It’s also vital to work with lawn care professionals to diagnose any lawn issues you have, instead of just putting a bandage on it. SuperScapes gets to the root of lawn problems and can assess for reasons why your lawn may be deteriorating including:

  • Poor drainage
  • Soil compaction
  • Low air circulation
  • Decreased nutrients/fertilization
  • Too much thatch
  • Overall neglect
  • Wrong variety of grass seed
  • What Overseeding Can Do For Your Tulsa Lawn

Not only does overseeding establish a healthy, verdant lawn, but it improves your yard in a variety of ways.

Minimizes Erosion

Overseeding creates a thicker lawn, and when your lawn has improved density, it holds moisture and soil in place, reducing soil erosion and run-off.

Fewer Risks of Pests and Diseases

When a lawn is healthy, it has the reserves to efficiently combat pests and diseases. There are a variety of seed types that are drought- and insect-resistant — when you use the right seed, the better chance your lawn has at thriving.

Less Fertilization

While lawn fertilization plays an important role in yard care, a thick lawn may reduce the need for fertilizing your grass frequently. SuperScapes creates the perfect seed blend, and with your routine lawn car, you’ll have a healthier lawn that doesn’t require as much fertilization as it once did.

What is the Best Season to Overseed?

In Tulsa, overseeding in late summer or early fall is the prime time for this lawn care service to yield the best results. The soil and temperature are the perfect mix for peak germination and turf growth.

The late summer allows the grass seed to be well established before the fall temperatures begin to drop, in addition to there being fewer weeds, in which the seeds have a better chance to develop.

As we’re climbing out of winter and approaching spring, Tulsa homeowners can choose to overseed in the spring. There are more risks associated with this season — unpredictable weather such as heavy rains and more weed competition, and their development may be impacted by spring fertilization of pre-emergent crabgrass and broadleaf weed killers.

SuperScapes can work with you to develop a plan of action that allows for both overseeding and spring fertilization. We’ll likely delay the fertilization service four to six weeks to allow the new grass seed to germinate.

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With spring approaching, creating a healthy lawn now will transform it in the upcoming months. Overseeding can happen this spring — watch your lawn emerge lush, dense, and green when you partner with SuperScapes in Tulsa.

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