When To Fertilize Your Lawn

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Timing is of the essence when it comes to growing a beautiful, healthy green lawn. For grass that thrives all year, knowing when to fertilize it is key. When it comes to fertilizing, maintaining a schedule is crucial to a thriving lawn. But what is a good schedule for fertilizing in Tulsa? SuperScapes is here to answer. Learn more about when to fertilize your grass in today’s post.

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Early Spring

Before the heat of summer hits, Spring is a vital time for fertilizing your lawn. Fertilization during this time, while your grass is growing, will help your grass thicken and strengthen its roots. Apply fertilizer to your laws around April as your grass starts to get greener and begins growing.

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Late Spring

During late Spring, a combination of weed control and lawn fertilization cycles are essential for a flourishing lawn. At this time of year, your grass needs a lot of nourishment to continue growing. Fertilize around May to increase your lawn’s nutrient levels.

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When it comes to summer, the heat can be tough on your lawn. And between the heat, foot traffic, and insects, your grass needs extra protection and strengthening. Fertilize your lawn around July or 7 weeks after your last springtime fertilizing.

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During the fall months, your lawn needs increased nitrogen to recover from the sun damage it takes in the summer. To prepare for the winter, your grass needs increased storage of nutrients to strengthen its roots. So apply fertilizer around September before the winter weather hits.

When it comes to fertilizing your lawn, timing can make all the difference! Whether you need overseeding services or maintenance management, SuperScapes can help! As Tulsa’s premier landscaping company, we offer a range of services to help you keep your grass healthy and green all year round!

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