If your irrigation system is all set up and good to go, you should know that your drainage system should receive just as much importance. Ever since ancient times, advanced draining systems have been used in order to maintain a piece of land healthy, avoid draining and manage water supplies in general. Even though drainage becomes hazardous for residences located in regions with heavy rainfall, a well-installed drainage system is critical for any landscape, whether complex or basic. Various problems can occur anytime without proper maintenance, such as puddles of water persisting on your lawn or incorrect draining that leads to the foundation. There are several types of drainage systems that exist, each of them for different types of lawns. Check out our full drainage services and don’t hesitate to contact us for any additional details.


To be able to benefit from a great drainage system, the first step is installation. Although there is a wide range of systems out there available for landscapes, one of our prime recommendations consists in French Drains. It is appreciated as the most popular and efficient form of outdoor draining especially thanks to its mechanism: instead of spreading the water within the landscape itself, a French drain leads the water to a drain. Most often, the French drain works as a perforated pipe that is enclosed by gravel. The pipe is then bundled with filter fabric in order to keep it clean and mud-free.

Tight line drains

Tight line drains are commonly known as piping systems made from PVC, which have glued connection joints. It is important for tight line drains to connect catch basins and downspouts, as they redirect water from the foundation. They present a series of advantages, as they are very resistant and can have quite a long period of perfect functionality. Even more so, tight line drains have demonstrated a much better flow when heavy rain occurs in the area, also being reputed for their self-cleaning properties. This means that various kinds of debris simply wash out of the system, so maintenance ultimately becomes less time-consuming. Lastly, this form of drainage has less chances of being damaged by any external factors, such as an automobile accident.

Grading for positive surface water drainage

One of the most important aspects for positive surface water drainage is definitely grading. It is a necessary process for preventing toxic waste from washing into a storm drain (and then into the ocean), but also for the irrigation of plant beds. It is a responsible way to drain a landscape and protect the environment at the same time. Our team is fully equipped and prepared to offer the best grading services for positive surface water drainage.

Sump Pumps

Sump Pumps are essential for removing water that has gathered in a sump basin meant to collect water. They are a key element for redirecting water away from undesired areas and into designated spaces, such as a storm drain. The Super Scapes team not only provides sump pumps, but also tends to their installation and maintenance.