Landscape Management

Services - Landscape Management | SuperscapesBusy schedule? Family and work taking up almost all of your time? Passionate about your landscape? If you’re looking for a solution for all of your lawn care needs in one place, then there’s no need to search any further. SuperScapes is exactly what you need. We know that proper lawn maintenance can take up a lot of your precious time; that is exactly why we have chosen to make your life easier by tending to every part of your landscape. Your entire yard is our #1 priority and we pride ourselves on dedicating no less than 100% of our resources in order to offer you full lawn care services.

In order to meet each and every requirement for our clients, we have decided to offer our entire services for lawn care under Landscape Maintenance and Management. The complete process involves turf, ornamental and irrigation management, all conceived so that you can continue with your daily errands and enjoy a gorgeous landscape every time you step out of the house.

Turf Maintenance and Management

The first part of our offer focuses upon full lawn care services. These are included but not limited to mowing, fert & weed control, aeration and overseeding. Even though lawn mowing can be pretty self-explanatory, you should know that it is the key step into turning a mere yard into a breath-taking landscape. Your grass will always be clean-cut and trimmed to your very exigencies. Fertilizing and lawn weed control (known as “fert & weed control”) guarantee that your lawn will have an impeccable aspect: all your planets will be fertilized and your weeds entirely gone. Aeration is used for alleviating soil compaction by puncturing the soil with tiny holes that permit the entrance of nutrients, water and air into grass roots. Overseeding involves planting grass seed straight into an existing area, avoiding damage to the soil.

Ornamental Maintenance and Management

This subcategory of management was conceived for the aesthetics of your landscape. Bed maintenance, pruning, fert & weed control, insecticide apps, seasonal color installation and mulch installation all result in a beautiful landscape that you will be proud of. All of your beds will be properly landscaped and always clean through bed maintenance. Your plants will be branch, root and bud-free by careful pruning, whereas weeds will be inexistent and your lawn fully fertilized. If you have bug problems, our insecticide applications guarantee their disappearance. Last but not last, seasonal color installation and mulch installation provide the final touches for the perfect landscape during every season of the year.

Irrigation Maintenance and Management

Inspections, startup & winterization and seasonal adjustments are all part of our irrigation maintenance. We frequently inspect your whole yard to make sure everything is tended to and in place, and if you’re at the beginning with your landscape we deal with the whole startup process. Winterization and seasonal adjustments allow you to rest assured that your lawn properly “hibernates” during winter and that it is altered for all of the four seasons.

All of these three main services aim to cover every aspect of landscape maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about anything as your yard blossoms during each and every season. The best part is that you can choose all services or we can modify our offer to accommodate your budget.